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Members talk about Farm Bureau's Retro/Safety Program



February 13, 2014 


Thank you so much for joining our training the past two days! The feedback I received showed the three presenters tied in very well together and the entire session was very beneficial. Some comments I wanted to pass on to you include, “Great session – extremely useful and an incredible resource.” and “Good info, it’s always good to keep safety in mind and this was an excellent reinforcement.” I only wish more of our growers would have taken advantage of the day. The attendance level was very disappointing and we will be looking into why that might have been. 

You were also extremely helpful in suggesting other speakers to round out the session. I appreciate your feedback. Again, thank you for your time and service to our ag producers. The Farm Bureau is doing some amazing work!

Have a wonderful day,

Lori Williams

Outreach Coordinator

Washington Association of Wheat Growers


What is Retro/Safety?

Workplace Safety and Workers' Comp Claims Management Consulting Services

Safety - We help Farm Bureau members implement a safe and healthy workplace to reduce the number of on-the-job injuries and accidents. Our Safety Directors conduct on-site workplace evaluations and provide training services in accident prevention. In the event of a serious injury, we will conduct an on-site evaluation to help members learn from the accident and prevent a reoccurrence. Find out more at WFB Safety Services 

Claims -  In the event of an injury, we provide claims management services to our members to reduce the costs of the claim. Our trained and experienced claim consultants aggressively and proactively manage claims to ensure timely action is taken by L&I to bring claims to resolution as quickly as possible. Find out more at WFB Claims Services

Representing Member Needs - We help ensure our members are in compliance with state and federal regulations and we serve as a liaison between the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) and members on industrial insurance claims.

It's an Incentive Program

The concept is simple: Businesses in a retro program can earn a partial refund of their worker's comp premiums if they maintain a safe workplace that results in minimal workplace accidents and low claims costs.

Our program is called Retro/Safety because you cannot have one without the other.  Retro is a financial incentive program offered by L&I to encourage improvements in workplace safety.  Employers control losses by preventing workplace illnesses and injuries, and helping injured workers return to work.

Find Out More

Go to the following links to learn more about our Retrospective Rating program and how you can join: 

WFB Retro Program Details

Find Out if You Qualify  

If you believe in a safe workplace and want to receive industrial insurance refunds please fill out the Retro/Safety Program Authorization Form and send it to us so we can help you begin the application process. FAX (Retro): 1-360-705-0419 or email.

If you have questions about enrollment contact Jim Newhall, Director of Retro/Safety, at 1-360-357-9975 (ext 114) or email.

Winter Safety Workshops for 2013-14

Do you Need Help?

Retro/Safety staff are available to assist you with your safety, claims, and membership needs. Click here to find a Retro/Safety staff person.

Phone: 1-800-331-3276     FAX (Retro): 1-360-705-0419

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