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Staff Directory

Washington Farm Bureau

(360) 357-9975 or 1-800-331-3276


Staff by Department:


John Stuhlmiller, Chief Executive Officer, 360-528-2903

Sandy McCaig, Executive Assistant, 360-528-2911

Rick Gastelum, Business Manager, 360-705-0394

Debbie Bidwell, Accounting Assistant, 360-357-9975 x102


Field Services

Don Jacobs, Director, 509-607-0747


Marketing, Member Benefits & Health Care

David Pearson, Marketing & Member Benefits, Association Health Plan Consultant, 360-359-4641



Jenni Budde, Records/Receptionist, 360-357-9975 x100

Carol Sigman, Records/Receptionist, 360-357-9975 x106


Public Policy

Tom Davis, Director of Government Relations, 360-528-2910

Scott Dilley, Associate Director of Government Relations, 360-528-2920

Evan Sheffels, Associate Director of Government Relations, 360-528-2908

David Stuhlmiller, Publication Specialist, 360-357-9975 x129



Jim Newhall, Director, 360-528-2914

Corwyn Fischer, Assistant Director, 509-881-4935

Jeff Lutz, Safety Director, 509-669-2990

Richard Clyne, Claims Consultant, 360-359-4644

Jennifer Aldrich, Claims Consultant, 360-528-2909

Judy Berquest, Claims Consultant, 360-359-4642

Pam Miller, Claims Consultant, 360-359-4643

Ibis Myers, Claims Consultant, 360-359-4640