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Farmer for a DAY 2012

A Few Seats Still Available for the Campaign Management Training Seminar in Lacey April 5-6

Campaign Management Training Seminar Offered in Lacey April 5-6

2012 is an election year (and so is 2013 and 2014). Actually, every year is an election year.

City, county, state, and federal elections mean that every year, the voters will consider accountability and change for those who hold public office. The highly successful Farm Bureau Campaign Management Seminar is coming to Lacey this spring and the registration deadline is just a few short days away.

On April 5 and 6 candidates, spouses, and campaign managers can learn the techniques (and reasons behind them) that make for successful campaigns. Attendance is limited to 40 people and registrations should be submitted to Farm Bureau as soon as possible.   Learn More »

Wolf Delisting Update

In a great decision issued by the 9th Circuit , the court ruled that
Congress can indeed delist a species. In a rider to a budget bill last April, Congress ordered the delisting of the Northern Rocky Mountain wolf population. This following a delisting that was overruled by the courts.

This is great news from an ESA perspective as it means we will eventually be able to delist not just list species. 

For more info go here.



Healthcare Exchange Bill Hurts Businesses and Consumers
Veto needed to preserve health insurance options!

With the passage of E2SHB 2319, the state Legislature has gone beyond federal law and has put the state at risk of losing insurance providers, much like the last "reform" effort did during the 1990s.

Sticking to the essentials of the federal law right now is the best plan. It will help ensure that association health plans (AHPs) like the one offered by Washington Farm Bureau will be allowed to continue to meet the needs of our members and will help foster a more friendly business climate for insurance providers who provide those services to AHPs. Learn More »

2010 News Releases

2012 News Releases

March 7, 2012
Mollie Hammar, Director of Public Relations, (360) 528.2915
John Stuhlmiller, Director of Government Relations (360) 870.6017
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Women's Leadership Committee

WFB Women's Leadership Committee

Paddy Irwin, Chair    

Vicki Malloy

Helen Boldt

Susan Dufault

Paddy Irwin

Dianne Appel

Roxanne Husmann

Cheryl Ouellette

WFB staff contact: Sandy McCaig or call (800) 331-3276  Learn More »

New Century Farmer Conference

The National FFA Organization is accepting applications for its 2012 New Century Farmer conference.

The highly competitive conference is open to college of agriculture students who intend to pursue careers in production agriculture. Those selected will be among the first in the nation to learn about the latest technological developments in agriculture and will receive business management advice.

The conference is free to students who are selected and will take place July 8-14 in Johnstown, Iowa. The deadline for applications is March 15 at 2 p.m. PST.

To learn more about the program or download an application, go to

2011 News Releases

November 17, 2011 

Mollie Hammar, PR Director, (360) 480-8058
John Stuhlmiller, GR Director, (360) 870-6017 Learn More »

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