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Policy Development

Recent issues of the Farm Bureau Policy Books are available to view or download by following the links below.

2014 WFB Policy Book (PDF or DOC)

2013 AFBF Policy Book (PDF or DOC)

If you need printed copies of these materials, please send your request to John Stuhlmiller. Learn More »


For up-to-date information on how the actions of the Legislature will affect farmers and ranchers, Legisletter is your source.

Legisletter is published and delivered by email each week during the legislative session and on special occasions throughout the year.

If you would like to subscribe or unsubscribe, please contact Scott Dilley.

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Washington Farm Bureau Contests

The WFB Ag Photo Contest has been cancelled for 2012.

We apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment this may cause.

We hope to resume the contest in future years.


Winners of the 2011 Photo Contest - click here!

Winners of the 2010 Photo Contest - click here!

Winners of the 2009 Photo Contest - click here!


WFB Climate Committee Bumper Sticker Slogan Contest

Submissions are in and it's time to VOTE - Click here to vote for your favorite! Learn More »

Verizon Wireless


Special Savings for Members of the Washington Farm Bureau

For Business:

Your company may be eligible to receive special savings from Verizon Wireless.  You may extend these benefits to your employees. The employees will need to use the companies member number to obtain the discount.  These benefits are the result of an agreement negotiated by Washington Farm Bureau and Verizon Wireless to help you save some money! Learn More »

Early Bird Discount Expires Soon!

If you are planning to attend the SARE Conference, sign up before Oct.2 to receive the best discount.

Learn about niche livestock and poultry processing, values-based marketing, farm-to-institution, financing and technical assistance, and more.

This year's conference will cover Strengthening Agriculture’s Infrastructure: Adding Value, Breaking Down Barriers, Increasing Profits

This educational and partnership-building conference will take place December 3–5, 2012 in Portland Oregon. Visit the conference site at: for more information and to register.

WFB Claims Management Services

Our Claims Consultants are on Your Side

Best Practices in Claims Monitoring and Return-to-Work
- Our professional claims consultants are experts in return-to-work practices for the agriculture industry. They understand your needs and can help you put together streamlined accident reporting and claims management procedures. Missing information on claims or a lack of follow-up can easily result in claims getting out of control.

Representing Your Needs
- Our claims consultants will monitor a claim's status, medical treatments, and L&I decisions to ensure the worker receives proper care and the claim continues moving along. They also assess claim cost impacts to your business and workers and will take actions with you to help keep costs down.

Call us anytime you want to discuss your claims or brainstorm a specific strategy to resolving a claim at (800) 331-3276. Learn More »

WFB Retro/Safety

Members talk about Farm Bureau's Retro/Safety Program



February 13, 2014 


Thank you so much for joining our training the past two days! The feedback I received showed the three presenters tied in very well together and the entire session was very beneficial. Some comments I wanted to pass on to you include, “Great session – extremely useful and an incredible resource.” and “Good info, it’s always good to keep safety in mind and this was an excellent reinforcement.” I only wish more of our growers would have taken advantage of the day. The attendance level was very disappointing and we will be looking into why that might have been.  Learn More »

Find Out if You Qualify

Qualifications for Retro/Safety

The law requires that you be a member of the sponsoring organization. If you are not a Washington Farm Bureau member we can sign you up when you enroll in our retro program. Membership fees vary by county and range from $65 to $100.

An enrollment fee equal to 1% of your annual standard premium is required at sign up.

You must report hours in at least one of the risk classes covered by the Farm Bureau Retro/Safety Program.

Your annual L&I premium must be at least $5000.

Your loss ratio must be 0.9 or lower. We look at the loss ratio history for at least the three most recent years. Learn More »

WFB Retro/Safety Program Details

WFB Retro/Safety

When it comes to retro programs, Farm Bureau Retro/Safety has been around since the beginning -- 1984. Overall we are among the largest when it comes to refunds, with Farm Bureau Retro/Safety members earning refunds approaching $80 million.

A successful retro program is all about teamwork. The goal is to reduce the frequency and severity of injuries, get injured workers the medical care they deserve, and get them back to work when appropriate. There is no better way to increase retro refunds than by preventing accidents in the first place!

The Farm Bureau Difference

Washington Farm Bureau started its Retro/Safety program to be more than just a financial benefit to our members. The Retro/Safety program includes safety training, safety program development and inspections, claims management and member education. Learn More »

Skagit County Farm Bureau

Skagit County is located in the northwest portion of Washington state between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. Canada. The Cascade Mountains stand to the east, overlooking a fertile river valley.  Amongst the wide variety of agricultural crops produced in this area, its  tulip fields are world famous.

County Bylaws

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