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Washington Asparagus Commission Seeks Executive Director



Executive Director

The Washington Asparagus Commission is soliciting proposals from persons interested in the position of Executive Director for the Asparagus Commission.  The Executive Director of the Washington Asparagus Commission (WAC), under the guidance of the elected and appointed board members, administers all aspects of commission business. The manager must have an intimate knowledge of asparagus production in Washington State, have the ability to effectively manage all aspects of the commission’s business, including marketing, assessment collection, maintenance of financial and operational records, preparing for and conducting quarterly commission meetings, monitoring the performance of contractors and vendors, proper dispersal of WAC funds and effectively facilitating the work of any established committees such as those formed to evaluate research proposals, marketing and food safety issues. The business manager shall have the ability to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of all WAC funded programs, projects and affiliations and produce reports on these when requested to do so.

The period of performance of any contract resulting from this RFQ is tentatively scheduled to begin on or about February 1, 2013 and to end on January 31 2014.

The RFQ Coordinator is the sole point of contact in the Commission for this procurement.  To obtain a copy of the RFQ please email Kelly Frost and the address below.  Please reference RFQ No.K1044 on the subject line.

Name: Kelly Frost
Phone Number: (360) 902-1802
E Mail address:

Proposals are due: January 4, 2013