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For contributions over $100 the Public Disclosure Commission requries you provide your occupation and employer name. Please send this information to Scott Dilley, Associate Director of Government Relations.


WSFB PAC Announces 2014 General Election Endorsements

The Washington State Farm Bureau Policial Action Committee has made endorsements for the 2014 General Election. 

The list of endorsed candidates can be found here.


2014 Endorsement Process

Below are the forms for county Farm Bureaus to use when making candidate recommendations.

Candidates are recommended for endorsement by the Washington State Farm
Bureau PAC, based on their voting records (if already in office) and
their understanding and support of Farm Bureau policy.


CEC Membership Form


About Our PAC

The Washington State Farm Bureau PAC is governed by a 12-member Board of Trustees, who make endorsement and contribution
decisions based on recommendations from the affected county Farm Bureau
Candidate Evaluation Committees (CEC). 

At the 1997 Washington Farm Bureau Annual Meeting, the delegates
recommended that Washington Farm Bureau form a political action
committee (PAC). The WFB Board of Directors approved the formation of a
PAC and directed that its operations reflect the beliefs of Farm
Bureau's grassroots membership.

As a result, the Washington State Farm Bureau PAC (WSFB PAC) is unique
among political action committees, with decision-making shared by county
Candidate Evaluation Committees, county Farm Bureau boards of
directors, and the WSFB PAC State Board of Trustees.

Candidate Evaluation Committees, appointed by their county Farm Bureau
boards, interview and evaluate candidates. These committees then forward
their recommendations to the WSFB PAC State Board of Trustees, but only
after receiving approval from their county Farm Bureau boards of

The WSFB PAC State Board of Trustees, appointed by the Washington Farm
Bureau board of directors, then reviews the county recommendations and
determines which candidates to endorse.

The WSFB PAC is non-partisan. Endorsements are based on the candidates'
understanding and support of the agricultural community and Farm Bureau

Only upon a showing of exceptional and compelling circumstances may the
WSFB PAC State Board of Trustees reject a recommendation by a county
Candidate Evaluation Committee. WSFB PAC bylaws are designed to prevent
anyone from substituting their individual judgment for that of the
Candidate Evaluation Committee.

In state legislative races, all county Candidate Evaluation Committees
in a candidate's district must recommend the same candidate before the
WSFB PAC can make an endorsement. If there is not 100% agreement among
the affected Candidate Evaluation Committees, the WSFB PAC must remain

In districts with no county Farm Bureau participation, WSFB PAC bylaws
authorize the WSFB PAC State Board of Trustees to make endorsements by a
two-thirds vote. The WSFB PAC State Board of Trustees also may make
endorsements in races where the affected county Candidate Evaluation
Committees have deferred.

In federal and statewide race (U.S. Senate, Washington Supreme Court,
governor and other state offices), endorsements require two-thirds
agreement by the county Candidate Evaluation Committees. Without
two-thirds agreement, the WSFB PAC must remain neutral.

The WSFB PAC State Board of Trustees also determines WSFB PAC
contributions. The WSFB PAC State Board of Trustees may only contribute
to endorsed candidates. Two-thirds of the WSFB PAC State Board of
Trustees must agree to the contribution.

Contributions are made from a WSFB PAC fund that contains voluntary
contributions from Farm Bureau members. No dues or other Farm Bureau
funds are used to support candidates.

By vesting decision making in the county Farm Bureaus, members determine WSFB PAC endorsements.

For more information about the WSFB PAC, contact Scott Dilley.